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Food For Thought

Janet Masse is a downtown resident that has been strongly involved with the DWCC since it’s inception. She has shared a bit about herself and why she loves being involved downtown. When the DWCC first started Bob Cameron, Executive Director, connected with Dougall Public School about needs they had in the community. From this, Janet […]

1 of the 101 - Redesigning a crosswalk in Glengarry - Marentette

Small Change 101

(1 of the 101 – “Redesigning a crosswalk” in Glengarry – Marentette) This is a very quick post to share an article that is a great example of what this blog is all about. With a title like “101 smallest things you can do for your city” I would have felt guilty if I hadn’t […]


Can they really do that? – Wyandotte Hub at the 2nd Open Streets Windsor

After all the tents were packed up, the music turned off, the games put away, and the drums silenced somebody said something to me that would summarize the general feeling of people involved in Open Streets at the Wyandotte Hub – “Can they really do that?” The woman was waiting to cross at a traffic […]


Come In, We’re Open – The Wyandotte Hub at the first Open Streets

Don’t worry – I didn’t get flashed. In fact, the closest thing to that sort of street-level surprise was a shirtless gentleman riding a bike who was sporting an extravagantly ear-flapped wolf hat. The anticipation was there for all sorts of unexpected events and oddities, and my camera was around my shoulder from 8:00 in […]


Our Neighbourhoods

The Initiative envisions a thriving and distinct Glengarry-Marentette, one of many vibrant neighbourhoods in Windsor, where neighbours work and celebrate together and have taken ownership of the community’s future.

Our mission is to renew the city through nurturing neighbourhood community. In each walkable street there are growing friendships and a leadership that work together to see their streets being safe places and a place that we want to live in.

A neighbourhood engagement initiative dedicated to working with the community members of the Ford City area to increase neighbourhood safety, neighbourhood events, improve neighbourhood infrastructure, and connect resources that support the residential and commercial revitalization of Ford City.

A grassroots organization committed to making West Windsor a better place to live, work and play. Through our community organizing efforts, we strive to engage and empower residents by providing the infrastructure and tools necessary for them to succeed.