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Coordinator of The Intiative: Glengarry to Marentette – a United Way Centraide of Windsor – Essex funded neighbourhood improvement strategy – Patrick has been working in community development since June of 2013. With a demanding work and life schedule, authoring blog posts is a good way to pursue his passion for writing, photography, and community building.
Budget Results Infographic FINAL (02-01-2018)

Cooling Down: ‘Post’-Work of the Engaged Citizen

They are listening “So, how did it go?” Whenever you get through an advocacy effort of this size the question always has a tinge of cautious optimism, and – if the questioner is sympathetic – an expectation that they may have to console you if things didn’t go your way. Because the question really is, […]

2018 City of Windsor Budget infographic FINAL fixed

Warming Up: Pre-Work of the Engaged Citizen

It was cold on January 3rd, twelve days before Windsor’s Mayor and Council discuss and decide on the municipal budget for 2018. That meant there was a lot of stomping feet, shedding of mitts and gloves, scarves and heavy jackets for the over twenty people who braved the front end of a cold snap to […]

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Pierogies and Budget Items: Flexing Your Engaged Citizen Muscles for Windsor City Budget Deliberations

Pierogies On Friday, February 17th of this year I couldn’t tell you what the weather was like, what I wore, or even what I did at work that day. What I can tell you is that I ate too much, and a lot of what was stuffing me that night was pierogies. I’m not the […]

Pink House 1

Getting Proactive with Windsor’s Vacant Buildings: The Vacant Building Registry

From her second floor Glengarry – Marentette apartment she has a low flying bird’s eye view of the vacant building across the road. She can watch the grass and weeds grow on the lot – the excessive growth making it more interesting than it sounds. She can watch the once vibrant pink paint flake off […]


Our Neighbourhoods

The Initiative envisions a thriving and distinct Glengarry-Marentette, one of many vibrant neighbourhoods in Windsor, where neighbours work and celebrate together and have taken ownership of the community’s future.

Our mission is to renew the city through nurturing neighbourhood community. In each walkable street there are growing friendships and a leadership that work together to see their streets being safe places and a place that we want to live in.

A neighbourhood engagement initiative dedicated to working with the community members of the Ford City area to increase neighbourhood safety, neighbourhood events, improve neighbourhood infrastructure, and connect resources that support the residential and commercial revitalization of Ford City.

A grassroots organization committed to making West Windsor a better place to live, work and play. Through our community organizing efforts, we strive to engage and empower residents by providing the infrastructure and tools necessary for them to succeed.